Applications now open for EIT Digital Master School, a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship

Applications to the EIT Digital Master School, hosting 8 exceptional European master’s programmes combining top digital education with entrepreneurship training, are now open. Graduates receive two master’s degrees, from two top European technical universities, plus a certificate from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The deadline to apply is 8 February 2024.

EIT Digital students plug into a leading network of digital innovators. You will join a unique, Europe-wide ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, and alumni. During the two-year course of study, you will study at two different universities in two countries, complete a work placement and participate in a two-week summer school programme.

The EIT Digital Master School programme involves a network of 15 different universities in 9 countries, allowing you to live in various parts of Europe.

Because it is an EIT Digital programme, innovation and entrepreneurship are incorporated into education.

“Doing your MSc via EIT Digital not only gives you a master’s degree at the end of your course, it also teaches you independence,” said FinTech graduate Sanya Shoaib. “I got to learn about FinTech, which is my major, and also got the chance to do a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”

Graduates not only gain the knowledge and skills to launch their startups, but the concrete work they undertake with potential employers as part of the curricula, also makes them very attractive for recruiters.

“We had this matchmaking event organised by EIT Digital where I made the contact for the company that I was hired by,” says graduate Michele Marabelli. “There were companies there pitching themselves and the positions they had.”

Eight programmes

There are eight different programmes, focused on providing cutting edge, hands-on learning in the most important digital fields today.

Two of the programmes, in cyber security and robotics, are provided as a part of SPECTRO (SPecialised Education programmes in CybersecuriTy and Robotics), an EU collaboration. EIT Digital brings its expertise in developing masters’ programmes to the consortium, which includes 12 higher education institutions from seven countries, two innovative SMEs and a leading research centre.


SPECTRO’s goal is to help ensure a sufficient supply of digital talent in Europe while offering educational accessibility and diversity for students of every gender, age and background. You will obtain cutting-edge skills and be positioned as a future leader in the booming fields of cybersecurity and robotics.

Another new programme offered this year is FinTech for Business, which gives you the skills and technical knowledge needed to succeed in the rapidly changing world of finance – where machine learning, data analytics, and blockchain technology are rewriting what is possible.

Tuition assistance is available; Apply now!

Applications are being accepted for those seeking tuition scholarships. All students can take advantage of the European Investment Fund’s Deferred Tuition Payment plan, which means you don’t have to start paying tuition until six months after graduation, and payments are spread over two years.

Applications for period 1 are open through 8 February 2024. Click here to find out more and apply.

Visit the Master School to learn more:

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Attention Europe’s top Scaleups: Apply to the EIT Digital Champions for Your Chance to Win Fundraising Support

EIT Digital is going to supercharge European scaleups with the EIT Digital Champions, a competition that rewards innovative companies with the vital support they need to obtain Series A and B funding.

European deep tech companies looking for investment funds to help them scale up and grow are invited to apply by January 30th 2024. Selected finalists will pitch their ideas before a jury of international investors. The winners, our Champions, will receive free access to 12 months of EIT Digital Growth Services support, a programme that will PREPARE you to pitch your company, CONNECT you with international investors, and help you RAISE your next round. The EIT Digital Growth Services team is highly accomplished in guiding the growth of scaleups and is well known in the industry. They not only have a vast network of investor connections – more than 1000 all over Europe – but they also know what each investor is looking for and what they want and like to hear!

Who should apply?

We’re looking for fast-growing European deep tech startups with a unique and differentiated product offering that leverages  highly innovative digital technologies. These companies should have strong commercial traction and be in need for additional capital to expand into new markets.

Additionally, EIT Digital is highly committed to supporting scaleups with women founders and women in C-level roles, and we encourage applications from these ventures. Likewise, we support the whole of Europe and look forward to applications from scaleups in EIT RIS countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

The Journey of a Champion


EIT Digital Champions builds on a legacy of success. For instance, in October of 2022, WSense competed in the EIT Digital Champions, pitching their amazing company and their Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) technology. After impressing the jury, they were declared one of our Champions. Over the next twelve months, WSense worked with EIT Digital’s Growth Services team to PrepareConnect& Raise. Together they prepared a compelling message, connected with key international investors and arranged numerous investor calls. In October of 2023, just one year later, WSense raised €9M from investors in three different EU countries! This is how EIT Digital supports European scaleups.

Apply now!

EIT Digital Challenges Lead Fabrizio Della Pace asks, “Are you the next European deep tech Champion? Are you ready to Prepare, Connect & Raise? If so, apply to the EIT Digital Champions today!

EIT Digital launches The EIT Digital (d)Academy to upskill talent for the digital age using the power of AI

EIT Digital is delighted to present the (d)Academy, a global initiative to provide talent with the cutting-edge digital skills needed to thrive in today’s economy. EIT Digital is a Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU.

More than three-quarters of companies in the EU report difficulties finding workers with the right skill set, and one-quarter of SMEs consider the availability of skilled staff and experienced managers the most important problem.

As new technologies transform how we work and live, there is an urgent need to reskill and upskill workers to avoid displacement and ensure a fair digital transition, but data from the 2023 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) shows only 54% of European citizens have at least basic digital skills.

The (d)Academy will bring together experts from industry, education, and research to develop modular learning programs on topics from cybersecurity to data analytics to machine learning. Programs range from online courses to blended learning and hands-on training.

“We are excited to empower people of all ages and backgrounds with the digital fluency needed to participate in the jobs of today and tomorrow,” said Diva Tommei, Chief Innovation and Education Officer of EIT Digital. “The (d)Academy is a life-long learning platform that will play a crucial role in ensuring no one is left behind.”

The core of the initiative is the EIT Digital (d)Academy Platform. Powered by abodoo, it represents a state-of-the-art ecosystem meticulously crafted to seamlessly unite learners, education providers, and employers.

This groundbreaking platform harnesses the power of data-driven skills mapping, tailoring learning journeys for everyone, and a one-of-a-kind job-matching system.

“We are thrilled to power the EIT Digital (d)Academy platform to help deliver the future of work-aligned, skills-based education,” said Vanessa Wainwright, founder of abodoo. “Employers can leverage the (d)Academy platform to forecast skills needs, identify gaps, and synchronize training outcomes with desired hiring requirements.”  

Some key features that set the (d)Academy platform apart include:

Skills Mapping and Passports: The platform employs an advanced skills mapping system with 14 data attributes to start with, that create a personalized Skills Passport for each learner. This forms the basis for tailored course recommendations and career development.

Personalized Life-Long Learning Pathways: Learners can select desired career trajectories and focus areas. The platform then assembles relevant content from partner providers into a customized learning journey that effectively addresses skills gaps.

Skills Gap Analysis: Educational partners can map their own content to enable better course suggestions. Employers can also identify skills gaps in the workforce and align hiring needs with training outcomes.

Real-time Job Matching: The platform enables skills-based job matching rather than traditional resume screening. This expands talent pools and leads to more efficient recruitment.

“The (d)Academy epitomizes EIT Digital’s commitment to inclusive and equitable access to digital skills education and aligns with the European Commission’s goal of making lifelong learning a reality during the 2023 European Year of Skills”, said Salvatore Moccia, Head of Education and Skills at EIT Digital.

EIT Digital-backed startup Rentall raises €1.25m in funding, expands to new markets

A Spanish startup that is changing the way people consume by turning shoppers into renters has built on its early development with EIT Digital and is gearing up for greater international expansion.

Rentall’s solution makes it easy to rent a range of products that people might not always want to purchase – from computers to scooters, and beyond.

For retailers or product suppliers, it opens a new line of business by providing a seamless transition to renting products they might normally only sell. It can also be used to arrange customer financing, making it easy to offer consumers instalment payment plans.

The system is environmentally friendly, reducing unneeded consumption. Products are reused as often as possible, and when they no longer work, they are broken down for parts and recycled, feeding the circular economy.

Complex system enables new way to consume

The user sees an interface that makes it easy for them to rent products – like smartphones, electric motorcycles or scooters, laptops, smart watches, gaming devices and outdoor gas grills – or to finance home solar panels. But the brilliance of Rentall is in the background. The team, with years of expertise in banking and finance, has developed a platform to connect banks, insurers, and buyback companies with creative new financial solutions.

“It’s really a challenge to join the two worlds, the bank – with their complexity of IT systems and questions of how to approach the market – and the retailer, who wants something very competitive and fresh, with a very quick go-to-market to make their life easy,” says Rentall CEO Francisco Carvajal. “Rentall appears in the middle.”

Rentall’s system also integrates insurers, because each product is insured to protect renters and retailers from losses in the case of damage or wear.

EIT Digital has nurtured the growth of Rentall from the beginning. The collaboration with EIT Digital within the “i3 Lifestyle” innovation activity of the Open Innovation Factory helped the startup develop its platform – adding a biometric recognition tool that enables rapid customer identification, fraud management measures and a smart virtual assistant to enrich the customer experience. EIT Digital later took shares in the company, which is now part of the EIT Digital Equity Portfolio.

New investment and expanding operations

As it draws in funding, Rentall is also growing its types of business and partnerships. EIT Digital’s connections also helped the company grow to the point where Rentall could attract their latest investment, company officials say, and those connections are still providing value.

“For our international expansion, we are in contact with potential partners, including working with Finance Innovation, who we met thanks to EIT Digital,” explains co-founder Bertrand Rigaud.

The expansion from Spain into the rest of Europe has already begun in France, with rentals of Nerva e-scooters, and Italy is next in line. This will be followed soon after by expansion into the rest of Europe and then beyond.

“Our plan is to get to the United States in 2026, because the renting-leasing market started there years ago, and it is very mature,” says Rigaud. “It’s a big market and we are sure we can do a lot of business there.”

According to Rigaud, the internationalization work is one area where Rentall will use its new EUR 1.25 million in funding. The funding will also support further development of the platform and integration of new partners, hiring the staff that Rentall needs to grow, and launching an online marketing campaign.

Expanding revenue, partners and rentable items

Along with growing investment, Rentall is growing in the number of rental customers it serves and the types of services it offers.

The total value of insured goods rented through the system expanded from €50,000 in January to €250,000 in September, and with the new types of business they handle, they are anticipating an increase to €500,000 per month by year’s end, Rigaud says.

New products they are developing for rollout soon include financeable technology as a service and a bot that assists in all aspects of sales for solar power systems. “The bot will recommend the best installation and the best payment method, in a very flexible way,” says Carvajal. “It will be an intelligent tool for all the sales representatives for solar” and is developed through an agreement with Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Other partnerships help with financing. To enable a broad range of financing instruments to serve their partners, Rentall has built “a strong ecosystem of Tier 1 banks, with support from Cetelem and Abanca, who were recently joined by BBVA, Sabadell, and Société Générale (SGEF),” says Carvajal.

The rapid growth in all areas of business is helping Rentall achieve its mission, according to Carvajal.

“Our ambition is to be the reference hub in all subscription and rental models and the new pay-per-use style of consumption,” he says.

EIT Digital Venture Program 2023: 40 startups selected to receive the final prize

In total, the programme distributed over €600,000 in prizes and support across the 2023 cohort

EIT Digital has announced the 40 startup teams selected to receive the final €10,000 prize in the 2023 Venture Program.

The prize recognizes the top performers from this year’s edition. More than 200 entrepreneurs participated in the training, coaching, and networking initiatives.

The 40 winners stood out based on criteria like innovative business ideas, growth potential and progress made during the programme.

This injection of capital comes on top of the initial €5,000 awarded to all participants and is exclusively for teams that have incorporated their startup.

In total, the programme distributed over €600,000 in prizes and support across the 2023 cohort.

And it’s not over yet. The first ten ventures to raise at least €50,000 in funding from private investors by the end of November will be entitled to an additional prize of €10,000, bringing EIT Digital’s total support to €25,000 each.

Launched six years ago, the EIT Digital Venture Program is designed to support early-stage entrepreneurial teams from the Baltics, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe in their journey to market.

In 2023, the programme has expanded its reach to include Italy, Spain and Hungary. It is now open to 22 European countries, with new partners like Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Dock3 and Lunar joining existing regional accelerators.

Selected teams are offered an intensive eight-week pre-acceleration programme; they are coached, in particular, on how to develop their Minimum Viable Product (MVP), establish their startup company, and raise funds with investors.

At the final “Pitch Days,” they get the chance to validate their business solution by presenting it in front of early-stage investors, potential clients, and experts from the tech community.

The 40 teams awarded represent some of Europe’s most promising young ventures, and the final prize recognizes their accomplishments to date while empowering their future growth.

An early-stage startup’s path from inception to real impact is a roller-coaster. EIT Digital’s Venture Program helps founders take the first dozen steps along this difficult way. Our great incubation partners are providing training and mentorship, while EIT Digital provides the initial financial support. This unrivalled pan-European initiative empowers entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into scalable business. Judging by the astounding quality of the graduates, this initiative continues to achieve strong results in catalyzing innovation and entrepreneurship.

Here are all the final prize winners:

Aced sports
Bobomed (prev. bobovue)
Digital Hydro Turbine
ESG Lake
Futura Tickets
GDPR Prodigy
Griffin Entertainment Studios
Indivu / SpeedRN
Leap mesurer
Life 4.0
Lifty Mobility
Parent’s Advisor
Patient Expert
Super Save
VitaHint (earlier HerbAnalytics)

EIT Digital showcases European deep tech innovations and global growth strategies at Web Summit 2023

EIT Digital is pleased to announce its participation at the 2023 Web Summit in Lisbon from November 13-16. In collaboration with the European Innovation Council (EIC), EIT Digital will highlight Europe’s leadership in deep tech leadership in deep tech in the “Building deep tech unicorns” dedicated content session that will take place on Wednesday, November 15th at 3 pm, at the EIC-EIB Web Summit’s booth (E223, Pavillion 2).

“Europe is home to some of the most innovative startups finding solutions to worldwide challenges,” said EIT Digital CEO Federico Menna. “At Web Summit, we look forward to showcasing these pioneers and equipping them with strategies to expand globally.”

EIT Digital and EIC have expanded their successful partnership started in 2022 through the EIC-EIT Digital Venture Acceleration Programme. This programme provides EIC Accelerator companies and Seal of Excellence recipients access to EIT Digital’s intensive 12-month Growth Services Programme. Offering training, guidance, connections, and fundraising support, this world-class programme helps scale deep tech companies.

The programme has already shown results, with participants raising major funding rounds. Climate tech startup Mitiga secured €13.5 million in Series A financing in June 2022 after EIT Digital assisted with targeting climate-focused investors. Smart waste management company Sensoneo also raised €6.2 million Series A after EIT Digital’s pitch and investor connection support.

The collaboration is set to evolve significantly this year. Under the umbrella of the EIC Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-Investment Support programme, beneficiaries of EIC programmes will now have extended access to EIT Digital’s latest service offerings.

These include ‘Access to Talent,’ focused on talent acquisition and development; ‘Access to Finance‘, offering comprehensive fundraising support; ‘US Landing Program,’ aimed at facilitating entry into the competitive U.S. market; and ‘Speed Master,’ an advanced coaching service, alongside other EIT Digital core ecosystem services.

“We are proud to expand our work with EIC to bolster Europe’s most innovative deep tech companies,” said Menna. “Together, we can provide startups the comprehensive support they need to scale up globally.”

In addition to the partnership, Menna will also take part in a panel on strategies for globalized growth.

Discussing in the “Globalise your Growth” panel with other high-profile panelists such as Hanna Marie Asmussen Co-Founder & CEO of Localyze; Pedro Ribeira Santos, partner of Armilar Venture Partners and Sifted’s senior CEE correspondent Zosia Wanat, he will share proven tactics for startups to expand worldwide, delving into essential topics that concern growing startups, such as best practices for international marketing, tactics for establishing operations abroad, cultural adaptability skills, and strategies for building efficient cross-border teams.

EIT Digital joins European Green Digital Coalition to guide climate change solutions

EIT Digital has joined the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC), which unites companies in harnessing digital solutions as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The EGDC announced EIT Digital’s acceptance as a Coalition Supporting Partner, a position that will see EIT Digital providing thought leadership from its network’s vast expertise while also introducing EIT Digital membership to the EGDC.

We are proud to join EGDC and pleased that we will be able to use our unique position at the nexus of European digital innovation for this vital undertaking. Climate change is one of humanity’s greatest challenges right now. At EIT Digital we believe there is no ecological transition without digital transition. Together, we can steer Europe’s digital future towards true green growth.

The EGDC was founded in 2021 with the understanding that science-based support from the ICT sector can drive greenhouse gas reductions in all other sectors – including high-emission sectors like industry, transportation and agriculture.

Human activity creates the excess greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change. Digital science is needed to help develop new technologies that can reduce emissions and to measure the true effectiveness of these new tools.

The initiative is supported by the European Commission and European Parliament, based on the request of the EU Council. The EC is funding a European Pilot Project to operate the secretariat of the EGDC.

Members of the EGDC sign the Declaration to support the Green and Digital Transformation of the EU. Signatories are commitment to:

  • invest in the development and use of greener digital technologies and services;
  • develop methods and tools to measure the real impact of green digital technologies on the environment and climate, through cooperation with NGOs and expert organisations;
  • co-create, with representatives of other sectors, recommendations and guidelines for a green digital transformation that benefit the environment, society and economy.

EIT Digital’s role

As a Supporting Partner of the coalition, EIT Digital agrees voluntarily to contribute to achieving the objectives of the EGDC.

When applying to join the EGDC, EIT Digital explained that its 300 partners and 21 offices across the European Union make EIT Digital “ideally suited for tapping into and channeling the expertise and know-how of different and diverse stakeholders across Europe, both from the private and public sectors including SMEs, industry and academia.”

EIT Digital’s network brings in partners from leading organisations in key focus areas. Furthermore, EIT Digital is “the Gateway to European digital Innovation”, with a track record of engaging our membership in strategic partnerships and supporting them in participating in successful EU projects, the application said.

CEO Menna will be EIT Digital’s representative with EGDC.

7 reasons to study at EIT Digital Master School

1. Cutting-Edge programmes in Technology and Entrepreneurship

The Master School provides two-year master’s degrees that deliver the perfect blend of advanced technical skills and training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students have the flexibility to build their own customised curriculum, choosing two leading universities across Europe and tailoring their studies based on their unique interests and goals. All programmes include a robust technical component where students gain deep expertise in their chosen field, along with a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. This empowering combination allows students to master the latest technologies while also learning how to transform ideas into viable business plans and successful companies.

2. Support for launching a career in Europe

The Master School is part of EIT Digital’s ecosystem, the largest open innovation ecosystem in Europe, with a network of over 250 major companies, SMEs, and high-growth startups across Europe. As a student and graduate, you will have access to internships, mentors, job fairs, and other resources to kickstart your career. You can connect with employers and apply for jobs through the exclusive EIT Alumni portal. With in-demand digital skills and hands-on innovation experience, you will have an advantage in competing for top positions at leading tech firms across Europe.

In today’s digital economy, professionals need a potent mix of technological expertise and business savvy. With its innovative programmes, global outlook, and career-accelerating network, the EIT Digital Master School represents the future of tech education. For ambitious international students aspiring to become technology leaders and entrepreneurs, it is an ideal launchpad for global impact and success.

3. Immersive international environment

As an international student at the Master School, you will collaborate with peers, academics, and professionals from across Europe and around the globe. The immersive environment facilitates cultural exchange and networking with leading entrepreneurs and technology experts. You will build work-ready competencies like cross-cultural communication, virtual collaboration, and team leadership. Unique opportunities like summer schools and colocation centres allow you to widen your perspectives and expand your professional network.

4. Travel and study abroad opportunities

By studying at two leading European universities in different countries, you will earn two degrees while enjoying life-enriching cultural experiences. You will gain exposure to different languages, societies, and business landscapes. The EIT Digital Summer Schools also provide exciting chances to travel and collaborate internationally. You will return home with a global mindset, ready to pursue career opportunities anywhere in the world.


5. Possibility to pursue a PhD

Through its extensive networks across European academia and research, EIT Digital Master School opens exciting possibilities for students to pursue a PhD after graduating. The business and innovation aspects of the programmes help equip students with the skills to commercialize their future research and develop technologies for real-world impact. Alumni can tap into the school’s resources and connections to identify Ph.D. opportunities at top universities aligned with their goals.

6. Immersive international environment

As an international student at the Master School, you will collaborate with peers, academics, and professionals from across Europe and around the globe. The immersive environment facilitates cultural exchange and networking with leading entrepreneurs and technology experts. You will build work-ready competencies like cross-cultural communication, virtual collaboration, and team leadership. Unique opportunities like summer schools and colocation centres allow you to widen your perspectives and expand your professional network.

7. Travel and study abroad opportunities

By studying at two leading European universities in different countries, you will earn two degrees while enjoying life-enriching cultural experiences. You will gain exposure to different languages, societies, and business landscapes. The EIT Digital Summer Schools also provide exciting chances to travel and collaborate internationally. You will return home with a global mindset, ready to pursue career opportunities anywhere in the world.

Visit the Master School to learn more:

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Join the TIM AI Challenge to drive the digital transformation in Italy

EIT Digital is thrilled to support the TIM AI Challenge, a new initiative launched by TIM, the largest Italian telecommunication services provider, to accelerate the digital transformation in Italy using artificial intelligence.

Together with partners like TIM, Intesa Sanpaolo, Politecnico di Milano, and Sapienza University of Rome, EIT Digital is eager to identify AI innovations that can shape the future of business and government in Italy.

This challenge represents an exciting opportunity for international startups, scaleups and SMEs to showcase innovative AI technologies and gain valuable exposure.

We’re looking for pioneering AI solutions leveraging modern cloud platforms and approaches like natural language processing and intelligent data analysis. Proposed solutions should aim to optimize business processes, enhance customer interactions, and drive efficiency improvements.

By participating, companies can benefit from pitch training and fundraising guidance from EIT Digital to scale internationally. Our Growth Services team will help prepare applicants to expand their business reach and secure capital to grow their disruptive AI solutions.

If you have an AI solution ready to transform digital systems, apply to the TIM AI Challenge by November 10, 2023. This is an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate Italy’s AI potential.

Don’t miss this chance to drive forward digital transformation. Apply today!

The New European Bauhaus Catalyse programme is looking for socially innovative start-ups

The EIT Community New European Bauhaus (NEB) has announced a new call for its pioneering Catalyse programme. The call, which has been launched by EIT Climate-KICEIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, and EIT Urban Mobility is looking for start-ups that view social innovation as the key to delivering systems change and new ways of living together.

This year will be the programme’s largest ever cohort with 28 spots available for successful start-ups.  European start-ups or scale-ups driving change in the areas of climate, cities, transport, industry and food are encouraged to apply.  

The winning 28 applicants will receive support services worth a total of €50,000. Within this, they will benefit from unique NEB-specific training, in addition to leadership coaching, business mentoring and access to one of the most prominent innovation communities in Europe. 

Applicants must demonstrate the social and economic impact of their innovation and how it embodies the three core principles of the NEB:  

  • Sustainability – achieving climate goals through circularity and biodiversity  
  • Aesthetics – emphasising quality of experience and design beyond functionality  
  • Inclusion – championing diversity, securing accessibility and improving affordability  

The New European Bauhaus

Initially announced by President Von der Leyen in her State of the Union address and launched by the European Commission in early 2021, the NEB is best understood as a practical application of the European Green Deal, which aims to improve the health, wellbeing and daily lives of both citizens and future generations.  

The EIT Community is ideally placed to support implementation of the NEB as it has created Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem with over 2,000 partners (business, research, education, cities) cooperating in over 60 hubs across Europe.  

By engaging with European innovators and civil society at large, the community is promoting business through start-up creation and growth, as well as contributing to citizen education and engagement.  

Join the New European Bauhaus Catalyse programme and help shape a more sustainable, beautiful and inclusive future for Europe.   

Click here to apply:

Applications are open until 4 December 2023.