What is EIT

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU body set up to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate. Today, it is Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem, teeming with over 2900 esteemed partners. The EIT supports the development of dynamic, long-term thematic partnerships through 9 EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (EIT KICs) among companies’ and higher education institutions R&D, to tackle pressing global challenges.

In collaboration with their leading partners across Europe, the EIT Community provides a wide array of innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives throughout the continent.

BAU is the EIT Community Officer in N. Macedonia

The EIT Community Officer is a key liaison between local stakeholders and the EIT community, establishing efficient communication channels for collaboration and exchange of best practices. It aids in coordinating EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) programs, enabling shared innovation and solutions while avoiding duplication. The EIT Community Officer promotes joint activities among EIT KICs, aligning with national and regional smart specialisation strategies, and supports local ecosystem development.

In addition, the EIT Community Officer serves as a national platform for showcasing EIT’s impactful initiatives, sharing their value and potential to drive interest and engagement. It actively seeks local funding options to support innovative projects and regional growth. The EIT Community Officer also organizes awareness-raising events, demonstrating EIT’s objectives and achievements, and fostering potential collaborations.

Furthermore, the EIT Community Officer maps local ecosystem players and key events, strategizing engagements based on their capabilities and areas of expertise. It coordinates and propels local communication efforts, ensuring relevant information reaches stakeholders, thus promoting active participation within the EIT Community.

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EIT Community Statistics

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EIT fosters innovation by linking Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) across Europe. At BAU, our focus includes coordinating cross-KIC activities and launching initiatives in line with Macedonia's Smart Specialisation Strategy priorities.

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