EIT Community Officer

BAU Accelerator is the EIT Community RIS Hub in North Macedonia!

BAU Accelerator serves as a contact gateway for local stakeholders towards the EIT Community as a whole: The primary goal is to establish a robust communication channel between local stakeholders and the EIT Community. BAU acts as a contact gateway, ensuring seamless information exchange for effective collaboration, sharing of best practices, and valuable partnerships between local stakeholders and the broader EIT network.

BAU Accelerator helps in cross-KIC coordination & alignment of KIC programmes: To maximize the impact of the EIT Community’s initiatives, cross-KIC coordination is crucial. It aligns programs and activities, avoids duplication, and collectively addresses complex challenges. By harmonizing efforts and sharing resources, BAU drives innovation and delivers transformative solutions at all levels.

We are Initiating and supporting joint activities amongst the EIT KICs: An essential aspect of local engagement is the initiation and support of joint activities among the EIT KICs. These activities align with relevant Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3) priorities at national and regional levels. By fostering collaboration and facilitating knowledge exchange, BAU fosters the development of innovative projects and supports the growth of local ecosystems.

BAU Accelerator serves as a platform for national showcasing of the EIT: To optimize visibility and raise awareness of the EIT’s impactful initiatives, we gather and disseminate information concerning the activities, outcomes, and opportunities offered by the EIT KICs. This information is shared both internally and externally, demonstrating the value and potential of the EIT Community to local stakeholders. By highlighting success stories and the benefits of engagement, BAU aims to attract further interest and participation.

BAU Accelerator is always scouting for local funding options: Local funding is crucial in supporting innovative projects and driving regional growth. BAU takes the lead in coordinating the collection of local funding opportunities and exploring potential sources of support. By facilitating the submission of joint proposals for national and regional funding, BAU maximizes the chances of securing financial resources to advance collaborative projects within the local context.

BAU Accelerator facilitates the organization of awareness-raising events: To promote the EIT Community’s objectives and achievements, it’s crucial to facilitate awareness-raising events, that may include: open days during INNOVEIT, the EIT’s annual innovation forum, and participation in relevant national events. By organizing and coordinating these activities, BAU representatives can demonstrate their expertise, establish connections, and inspire future collaborations.

We are mapping the local ecosystem players and key events: To effectively align the local ecosystem within the broader EIT Community, mapping local ecosystem players and identifying key events are key elements. By understanding the existing stakeholders, their capabilities, and their areas of expertise, BAU can strategically engage with the local ecosystem, and foster collaborations.

We are coordinating and driving local communication activities: Effective communication is essential for engaging local stakeholders and fostering a sense of belonging within the EIT Community. BAU takes on the responsibility of coordinating and driving local communication efforts. Through diverse channels, like newsletters, workshops, and online platforms, BAU ensures that relevant information reaches the intended audience, promotes participation, and facilitates active engagement.


We support development of successful innovation in Macedonia.