Betapitch Skopje 2019

The solution is the winner of the second Betapich Skopje 2019 held at the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation – INNOFEIT, organized by the Accelerator UKIM and Betahaus from Berlin on 20.11.2019.
Betapich 2019 is held in 7 different cities around the world, including Skopje.

“We offer visual search for fashion retailers, allowing their customers to find the products they want, simply by using an image. By using the latest, most advanced deep learning technology for object detection and continuously training the AI system, we’re able to constantly improve in detecting fashion items in images. Our AI technology is accurate, and capable of detecting even the smallest fashion item in a cluttered image, like a bag, hat, or even earrings. Benefits for retailers? Improved customer experience, increased conversion rates, and consequently, higher sales.“, said #Roland Simon from

“Betahaus is one of the driving centers of the Berlin startup scene, and through the Betapich for the second time will provide an opportunity for Macedonian startups to present in front of German industry and investors in Berlin. The best startups will get a free trip to BETAPITCH Global & Investors Day in Berlin on the 5th and 6th of December 2019. At the event winners from global Betapitch events will present their idea – product to German industry, and build business relationships with German companies “, said #Iva Jankovic of #Betahaus.

“We are particularly proud that Betapich Skopje 2019 has a variety of solutions, proving that the Macedonian startup scene is equally interesting, important, and quality for Germany as well. Accelerator UKIM’s global partner network provides our customers with access to their services, easier access to potential customers, and necessary investments. In this way, innovators and startups from Macedonia are enabled to validate their products or service to enable quick access to the global market. Business Accelerator UKIM has a fund for investment in innovative startups valued at EUR 530.000, with a maximum investment per startup of EUR 133.000″, commented #Aleksandar Stamboliev of #Accelerator UKIM.