Celebrating Innovation in the Portuguese Energy Ecosystem

On November 14th, a distinctive and exclusive event unfolded against the dynamic backdrop of Portugal’s innovation landscape – ECOFIZZ, the Portuguese Energy Ecosystem Event by EIT InnoEnergy. Branded as the “Fizziest” gathering in the Portuguese ecosystem, this event served as a dynamic platform for networking, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and partners of InnoEnergy.

ECOFIZZ – Portuguese Energy Ecosystem Event

ECOFIZZ stands as a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and business opportunities within Portugal’s sustainable energy sector. The event promised an energy-filled evening, uniting the industry’s most entrepreneurial minds and visionary companies.

Attendees were invited to participate in this late-afternoon event filled with energy and great opportunities. ECOFIZZ emerged as a focal moment for connecting key players to foster collaboration and drive sustainable innovation. The event captured the spirit of progress and a commitment to a more sustainable and innovative future in energy.

In the subsequent sections, discover the groundbreaking initiatives of our esteemed partners with EIT InnoEnergy’s supported startups. Each presentation highlights the benefits of their collaboration with InnoEnergy and showcases how InnoEnergy supports them on their innovation roadmap.


GALP, in partnership with C2C New Cap, introduced their solution, GO-START. Addressing the challenges trucks face relying on outdated lead-acid battery technology, GO-START is a supercapacitor module designed for EU trucks. It offers easy installation, eliminates the need for modifications, and provides significant benefits, including a drastic reduction in lead usage and a decrease in the need for battery replacement.


Portugal’s leading Distribution Network Operator showcased their collaboration with Hepta Airborne, unveiling the GridDrone project. This transformative initiative leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enhanced monitoring and maintenance of the electrical grid. E-Redes is automating inspections covering 1000 kilometres of high and medium-voltage grids, this partnership enhances operational safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability.

REN Portgás Distribuição

A public-service, natural-gas distribution company presented its partnership with InnoEnergy through collaboration with the Master School in the design of their innovation roadmap. Focused on developing and operating the gas distribution network in the coastal region of northern Portugal. REN Portgás Distribuição outlined ambitious plans for 2023-2027, including substantial investments in infrastructure and expansion.

In celebrating these innovators’ achievements, ECOFIZZ acknowledged their success and laid the groundwork for future collaborations, ensuring Portugal’s energy landscape continues to evolve towards a sustainable and innovative future.