EIT Digital joins European Green Digital Coalition to guide climate change solutions

EIT Digital has joined the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC), which unites companies in harnessing digital solutions as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The EGDC announced EIT Digital’s acceptance as a Coalition Supporting Partner, a position that will see EIT Digital providing thought leadership from its network’s vast expertise while also introducing EIT Digital membership to the EGDC.

We are proud to join EGDC and pleased that we will be able to use our unique position at the nexus of European digital innovation for this vital undertaking. Climate change is one of humanity’s greatest challenges right now. At EIT Digital we believe there is no ecological transition without digital transition. Together, we can steer Europe’s digital future towards true green growth.

The EGDC was founded in 2021 with the understanding that science-based support from the ICT sector can drive greenhouse gas reductions in all other sectors – including high-emission sectors like industry, transportation and agriculture.

Human activity creates the excess greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change. Digital science is needed to help develop new technologies that can reduce emissions and to measure the true effectiveness of these new tools.

The initiative is supported by the European Commission and European Parliament, based on the request of the EU Council. The EC is funding a European Pilot Project to operate the secretariat of the EGDC.

Members of the EGDC sign the Declaration to support the Green and Digital Transformation of the EU. Signatories are commitment to:

  • invest in the development and use of greener digital technologies and services;
  • develop methods and tools to measure the real impact of green digital technologies on the environment and climate, through cooperation with NGOs and expert organisations;
  • co-create, with representatives of other sectors, recommendations and guidelines for a green digital transformation that benefit the environment, society and economy.

EIT Digital’s role

As a Supporting Partner of the coalition, EIT Digital agrees voluntarily to contribute to achieving the objectives of the EGDC.

When applying to join the EGDC, EIT Digital explained that its 300 partners and 21 offices across the European Union make EIT Digital “ideally suited for tapping into and channeling the expertise and know-how of different and diverse stakeholders across Europe, both from the private and public sectors including SMEs, industry and academia.”

EIT Digital’s network brings in partners from leading organisations in key focus areas. Furthermore, EIT Digital is “the Gateway to European digital Innovation”, with a track record of engaging our membership in strategic partnerships and supporting them in participating in successful EU projects, the application said.

CEO Menna will be EIT Digital’s representative with EGDC.