EIT Food to receive USD 500 000 Citi Foundation funding for European food security

The USD 500 000 in funding from the Citi Foundation Global Innovation Challenge will be used to kickstart the EIT Food Ample Program which co-creates interventions with marginalised communities to improve the accessibility and affordability of food.

The initiative will take place over 24 months (2 October 2023 to 31 September 2025) in two European cities and will involve EIT Food working with local partners to help entrepreneurs access tools, training, and funds for food-related businesses.

Improving health outcomes in marginalised communities

The Ample Program aims to fulfil Citi Foundation’s ambition to do “More than Philanthropy” by creating business development opportunities and embedding behaviours in communities that create lasting improvements in economic and health wellbeing.

We are delighted to be a recipient of the Citi Foundation Global Innovation Challenge, and to announce the launch of the Ample Program to work with marginalised communities to co-create solutions to improve access to healthy, affordable food.

We know that lasting change comes through building solutions with and for local communities, which is why we have designed a programme that puts co-creation at its heart. It is only by working to empower communities that we will be able to build a future-fit food system that meets the needs of everyone.

– Jayne Brookman, Chief Partnership Officer at EIT Food

The first of the two cities will be Madrid, Spain, where targeted interventions may include:

  • Working with existing collaborative spaces where communities grow and prepare food, create new businesses, and sell products and services.
  • Tackling the challenge of affordability to scale healthier alternatives to high fat, salt and sugar food provision.
  • Helping the local community by supporting entrepreneurs, thereby contributing to creating new employment opportunities.

We are excited to take this initiative forward from our Southern office and extend our commitment to creating social impact through our projects. It’s truly a pleasure to collaborate on the Ample Program and contribute to enhancing food accessibility for vulnerable communities in Madrid.

– Begoña Perez Villarreal, EIT Food South Director

The experience of the Madrid programme will then be used to inform and create a blueprint for use in other communities, with a pilot in a second European city to be announced. It is expected that on-the-ground insights gained during this program can be used to empower other groups, cities and funding bodies to collaborate on effective interventions.

The Citi Foundation’s Global Innovation Challenge is designed to help new ideas grow and increase their impact.

EIT Food will help us in our commitment to make a positive impact in the communities where we work, providing their experience in finding solutions that can change lives and strengthen the health of disadvantaged groups.

– Pedro López-Quesada, President of Citi in Spain