Mindspace University IΙI – Smart Cities Program 2022

Are you a university student or recent alumni from North Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, and Serbia? → Idea Submission – NOT required

Accelerator UKIM has partnered with Mindspace for their Smart Cities 2022 – An online educational, entrepreneurial program of virtual classrooms and peer-to-peer networking meetings to help you to discover business from scratch and collaborate with entrepreneurs from the US and Balkan region to learn more on:

  • Discover the Challenges and Business Opportunities in the Smart Cities sector
  • Improving the quality of life
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Materials
  • Smart Home
  • Sustainability
  • Applications using AI & IoT
  • Create New Business Ideas with Mentors from Greece, USA, and Balkan countries and travel to Silicon Valley!

Application due: 11 March 2022

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An Online Educational Entrepreneurial Program Mindspace University is an online 3-month program with two parts (Educational and Entrepreneurial) focused each time on a different specific sector, including entrepreneurship basics whilst organized and delivered by multiple entrepreneurs-mentors and judges from Silicon Valley, Greece, and the Balkan area, together with Mindspace volunteers and staff. The program contributes to unemployment relief through new business ideas based on market needs and the development of entrepreneurial & public speaking skills for students with different academic backgrounds, who get introduced to entrepreneurship terms and move on to utilize their knowledge effectively. Vital networks are created between students and mentors, inspiring students to innovate in their profession & tackle future challenges.


Learn more about the current Mindspace University Program, along with its thematic sector, rewards, and schedule!

The Mindspace University Online Program parts:

Educational Part

  • Duration: 4-week online program
  • Content: Challenges and Business Opportunities in the thematic sector
  • Format: Interactive workshops, virtual classrooms, and webinars
  • Peer-to-peer networking events with talented youth from multiple countries
  • Delivered by: 15 stellar entrepreneurs and C-level employees from big companies and startups

Team matching

In case you don’t have a team or are looking to add more members, we help you find one and match you with other talented peers based on your skills, mentality, and goals via online peer-to-peer networking sessions. In case you already have a team, you participate with your team as it is.

Entrepreneurial Part

  • The Best 10 Teams get personalized mentoring to improve their business ideas for the final pitch event to claim the Awards
  • Duration: 3-week online program
  • Content: Mentoring and Coaching on the business ideas of each team
  • Format: 1-1 mentoring session, Business Model training and Presentation Skills workshop
  • Mentors: >15 entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from international companies and startups


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