New entries in EIT InnoEnergy’s equity portfolio Q3 2023

During the Q3 of 2023, six new innovative companies joined the EIT InnoEnergy equity portfolio.

Welcome: Circular Industries, Methaplanet, Nesetten, Renercycle, Tribonex and Future Voltaics.

“The Net-Zero discourse is progressively drifting towards industrial policy and competitiveness. What is Europe’s competitive advantage? Circularity and sustainability should be at the core of our competitive advantage. This quarter, our equity portfolio has expanded with a strong emphasis on Circular Economy, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energies, as we remain committed to fostering a bright and sustainable future for our society”– said Elena Bou, Co-Founder and Innovation Director of EIT InnoEnergy.

More info about the newcomers in our different portfolios:

Circular Economy

Circular Industries

Scaling the circular economy

Circular Industries has developed a patented process for the recovery of raw materials present in low-grade waste printed circuit boards (WPCB). By offering suppliers the possibility of a higher payout, the collection, dismantling and trade of low-grade e-waste becomes economically appealing. The process generates no toxic emissions, polluted wastewater or unusable residues. The raw materials produced benefit the security of supply of raw materials to EU manufacturing industries.

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Prepare your biomass and increase your biogas production

Methaplanet does not build more biogas plants. Instead, it optimises existing plants by supplying a patented energy pellet production unit – the Maxximizer. By adding a Maxximizer to installations, biogas plants can start producing their own high-yield energy pellets immediately. This generates much more biogas per ton input materials, and optimises the production of biogas.

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Nano-scale cryogenic bulk: a game-changer for (bio-) LNG

Nesetten’s products are dedicated to unlocking solutions for the use of bio-LNG and LNG on a micro- and nano-scale that offer eco-friendly alternatives for decentralised energy supply systems. Nesetten’s primary focus is the cutting-edge manufacturing of 2nd-generation cryogenic micro bulks, capable of storing liquids at temperatures as low as -196 °C. Its revolutionary construction allows the company to pioneer steel- and vacuum-less bulks, enhancing safety and design flexibility.

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Developing industrial and technological solutions to boost the circular economy in renewables

RenerCycle proposes a new circular model of non-linear production and consumption for onshore projects. In addition to the dismantling of wind farms, and the repairing and reconditioning of wind turbine components as spare parts, the plan includes recycling metallic materials such as steel and castings, the composite materials of wind turbines (blades and nacelles) as well as organic materials such as gearbox oils, among other industrial initiatives.

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Energy efficiency


Cost-efficient and scalable surface treatments for minimised friction and wear in various industrial applications

A patented mechano-chemical process creates durable low friction surfaces on components. The process is flexible and cost-efficient as it can be implemented using standard production machines, allowing for scalability and seamless integration in existing production lines. The process can replace current polishing steps, adding performance at low cost. The treatment can be applied on components made of steel or cast iron and of various shape and size, thus having very broad applicability.

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Renewable energies

Future Voltaics

More power when it matters

Future Voltaics developed “Vechtor”, an innovative photovoltaic system that utilises vertical bifacial solar panels, along with patented engineered reflectors. This enables it to increase power output irrelative of radiance conditions. The technology maximises the overall annual energy yield of the plant (kWh/kW) and reduces the cost of electricity (LCOE). It additionally optimises energy production when the price of electricity tends to be higher: at sunrise, sunset, in cloudy weather and in winter.

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