Policy Cub delegates to meet at ECIS 2023

Bilbao, 27 October 2023 – The European Creative Industry Summit (#ECIS23_Bilbao) returns this year, under the theme “Decolonising Innovation – Decolonising the Mind”.

EIT Culture & Creativity will be present at #ECIS23_Bilbao to celebrate the first meeting of delegates in the EIT Culture & Creativity network for policymakers. Dr Christian Ehler, Member of the European Parliament and strong supporter of the European Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI), will be in charge of opening the event, followed by representatives of the Basque Government and the Municipality of Bilbao – kindly hosting this encounter -, as well as Bernd Fesel, CEO of EIT Culture & Creativity, and Gerin Trautenberger, Director of ECBN/CreativeFED.

The central components of the event are the co-creation workshops. These workshops focus on the governance of the group, which currently has over 25 delegates and 20 ambassadors, and aim to find efficient ways of working for collective problem solving. Inspired by this year’s summit theme, which explores heritage and craft practices as powerful tools for promoting environmental sustainability, the workshops highlight the significance of decolonizing creative innovation. They also advocate for a broader, fairer, and more inclusive perspective on technological progress, sparking the emergence of new ideas and tech solutions that benefit both society and nature.

Bernd Fesel, CEO of EIT Culture & Creativity

“The Policy Club represents a significant milestone towards a better functioning ecosystem of the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries. By fostering coherent policies, programmes and frameworks that overcome policy gaps between the domains of culture, economy, research and education, EIT Culture & Creativity supports a fit for purpose foundation for local creators to thrive, to turn ideas into innovations and income, and to grow and create jobs. We invite policy makers from all sectors to join us in this exciting initiative.”

Behind the influential European Creative Industry Summit (ECIS) stands the CreativeFED/former European Creative Businesses Network (ECBN). The ECIS annually assembles an elite group of creative experts, policy advocates, and sector-specific organizations. These gatherings nurture invaluable dialogues on modern trends and forecast potential paths for the Creative and Cultural Sectors and Industries (CCSIs). The clear mission of the EIT Culture & Creativity Policy Club is to infuse innovation across frameworks, procurements, and policies at both grassroots and broader scales for the CCSI.

Taking place from 25th to 27th October, within the framework of the European Culture & Creativity Days in Barcelona and the Contrast Conference Bilbao, the ECIS is a pivotal part of the Creativity and Innovation Tour 2023, linking the dynamic cities of Bilbao and Barcelona.