EIT Digital launches The EIT Digital (d)Academy to upskill talent for the digital age using the power of AI

EIT Digital is delighted to present the (d)Academy, a global initiative to provide talent with the cutting-edge digital skills needed to thrive in today’s economy.

More than three-quarters of companies in the EU report difficulties finding workers with the right skill set, and one-quarter of SMEs consider the availability of skilled staff and experienced managers the most important problem.

As new technologies transform how we work and live, there is an urgent need to reskill and upskill workers to avoid displacement and ensure a fair digital transition, but data from the 2023 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) shows only 54% of European citizens have at least basic digital skills.

The (d)Academy will bring together experts from industry, education, and research to develop modular learning programs on topics from cybersecurity to data analytics to machine learning. Programs range from online courses to blended learning and hands-on training.

We are excited to empower people of all ages and backgrounds with the digital fluency needed to participate in the jobs of today and tomorrow. The (d)Academy is a life-long learning platform that will play a crucial role in ensuring no one is left behind.

Diva Tommei, Chief Innovation and Education Officer of EIT Digital

The core of the initiative is the EIT Digital (d)Academy Platform. Powered by abodoo, it represents a state-of-the-art ecosystem meticulously crafted to seamlessly unite learners, education providers, and employers.

This groundbreaking platform harnesses the power of data-driven skills mapping, tailoring learning journeys for everyone, and a one-of-a-kind job-matching system.

We are thrilled to power the EIT Digital (d)Academy platform to help deliver the future of work-aligned, skills-based education. Employers can leverage the (d)Academy platform to forecast skills needs, identify gaps, and synchronize training outcomes with desired hiring requirements.

Vanessa Wainwright, founder of abodoo

Some key features that set the (d)Academy platform apart include:

Skills Mapping and Passports: The platform employs an advanced skills mapping system with 14 data attributes to start with, that create a personalized Skills Passport for each learner. This forms the basis for tailored course recommendations and career development.

Personalized Life-Long Learning Pathways: Learners can select desired career trajectories and focus areas. The platform then assembles relevant content from partner providers into a customized learning journey that effectively addresses skills gaps.

Skills Gap Analysis: Educational partners can map their own content to enable better course suggestions. Employers can also identify skills gaps in the workforce and align hiring needs with training outcomes.

Real-time Job Matching: The platform enables skills-based job matching rather than traditional resume screening. This expands talent pools and leads to more efficient recruitment.

The (d)Academy epitomizes EIT Digital’s commitment to inclusive and equitable access to digital skills education and aligns with the European Commission’s goal of making lifelong learning a reality during the 2023 European Year of Skills.

Salvatore Moccia, Head of Education and Skills at EIT Digital.