EIT Food Startup Awareness and Networking Event Empowers AgriFood Innovators in North Macedonia

To improve the local agrifood scene, Business Accelerator UKIM recently hosted the EIT Food Startup Awareness and Networking Event in Netaville, Skopje, spanning two dynamic days on December 4th and 5th. Designed as a collaborative platform, this event brought startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, and eager students seeking to tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise prevalent within the agrifood sector.

The event commenced with a vibrant workshop on the first day, boasting interactive sessions led by distinguished industry experts. Attendees actively engaged in discussions, shared innovative ideas, and delved into collaborative dialogues aimed at nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial growth. The workshop’s primary focus was to empower participants with crucial insights and multifaceted perspectives indispensable for success within the agrifood industry.

Transitioning seamlessly into the second day, the event pivoted towards personalized 1:1 mentoring meetings. Here, individuals and teams received tailored guidance and support, fine-tuning their entrepreneurial endeavors under the mentorship of experienced professionals. The highlight of this transformative event was the engaging networking session, providing a platform for participants to pitch their groundbreaking ideas to a diverse audience, comprising representatives from the business community, academia, and key stakeholders deeply invested in agrifood innovation.

A very interesting panel talk happened, discussing big problems in the agrifood business in North Macedonia and in the region. They looked at ways everyone could work together to solve these problems. After that, during lunchtime, people got to meet and make important connections. This helped to build a strong group ready for future growth and new ideas.

An invaluable highlight was the insightful presentation delivered by a distinguished representative from EIT Food. This segment illuminated the diverse array of opportunities available to companies in North Macedonia, offering a roadmap to leverage EIT initiatives for growth and advancement within the agrifood domain. The event thus served as a catalyst for empowerment, knowledge exchange, and the cultivation of a vibrant ecosystem primed for innovation and sustainable growth in North Macedonia’s agrifood sector.