EIT InnoEnergy invests in Incitis to meet the challenges of urban delivery

To meet the challenges of urban delivery and the development of low-emission zones (ZFE), Incitis teams are developing an innovative delivery vehicle that will drastically reduce the time and cost of deliveries, make the work of delivery drivers safer and support transport companies in their energy transition.

Clearing up urban clutter

With its unprecedented functionalities and 8-ton payload (the equivalent of 6 to 7 commercial vehicles), the 19-ton delivery truck developed by Incitis helps massify and accelerate deliveries, and contributes to reducing urban congestion by reducing the number of vehicles needed to complete rounds. Tests carried out in real-life conditions have confirmed a time saving of 30% on a round (on average) compared with conventional trucks of identical size, i.e. a saving of 1 vehicle out of 3!

Thanks to its 5 openings on 3 sides, the goods, which can be refrigerated, are easily accessible, whatever the parking conditions on the delivery area. These openings contribute to faster, more fluid delivery.

The tour can be instantly reorganized according to traffic and/or customer urgency with great flexibility. Deliveries and the vehicle (openings, etc.) can be easily managed via a tablet, facilitating the delivery driver’s day-to-day work.

Improving safety and working conditions for delivery drivers

At the touch of a button, the truck can be lowered to ground level for ground-level deliveries (no need for a tailgate!). This means the delivery driver can get the goods out faster, and in complete safety for the driver and other road users.

The low-profile cab further enhances the ergonomics of this delivery truck for multiple ascents/descents during rounds, and provides better visibility for other road users.

Making the city more sustainable

Incitis has opted for electromobility. The vehicle is designed for PIEK certification, for silent, emission-free deliveries in city centers. The choice of battery technology with a choice of range extenders (hydrogen or biogas/biodiesel) optimizes the payload and extends the range up to 400 km for greater tour versatility.

Jonas Fabre, Investment Asset Manager, EIT InnoEnergy commented:

“We are proud to support Incitis in their industrial development. This investment is in line with our strategy of decarbonizing transport and last-mile delivery. Incitis’ value proposition will enable us to meet the challenges of safety, pollution reduction and urban decongestion”.

Éric Poyeton, founder of Incitis and Chairman of the Board explained:

“Together with the Incitis teams, we are delighted to welcome EIT InnoEnergy, with whom we share the same values around decarbonization and improving the quality of life in urban areas, for a more sustainable society. To date, all the indicators are green, starting with the transport companies who have already shown their confidence in us through letters of intent and pre-orders”,