EIT Urban Mobility hosts successful Sustainable Mobility Transition Meeting in Ireland

Dublin, Ireland (19 September 2023) – In a significant step toward advancing sustainable mobility in Ireland, EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, recently organised a high-profile meeting aimed at bringing together key stakeholders from across the public and private sectors. The event, entitled “Sustainable Mobility Transition Meeting in Ireland,” took place at Tangent, Trinity College University, on Tuesday, 19 September 2023, discussing critical topics shaping the future of mobility in the country.

Collaborative Approach to Mobility Challenges

The meeting was a testament to the growing recognition of the pivotal role of sustainable mobility in addressing the challenges faced by urban and rural environments in Ireland. Attendees included representatives from Irish national authorities, county-level organisations, Dublin governmental bodies, academia, and the private sector. As Ireland targets to reducing transport emission by half by 2030 to net zero emissions as a whole by 2025, the rapid technological advances in transport and connectivity makes this the right moment to rethink urban mobility.

Exploring Synergies for Sustainable Mobility

Dublin’s CO2 emissions would reduce by 22%, if 20% of car journeys were replaced with shared mobility or public transport.[1] To achieve such results, and the primary objective of this gathering is to foster collaboration and synergy among the mobility ecosystem to address the unique needs and challenges of the Irish citizens and private sectors in the realm of sustainable mobility. Several topics were covered by the participants who engaged in discussions covering a wide range of themes including Active Mobility, Public Transport, Logistics, Decarbonization, Mobility Data Spaces, and Urban Air Mobility.

Diverse Representation

The event saw active participation from representatives of various organisations, including the Department of Transport, National Transport Authority, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, LGMA, Academia, Dublin Governmental Organizations, and the Irish Private Sector. The meeting brought together experts and decision-makers who are instrumental in shaping the future of mobility in Ireland.

A Series of Engagements

The Sustainable Mobility Transition Meeting in Ireland marked the beginning of a series of engagements planned for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024. These engagements will encompass various regions of Ireland, including both cities and rural communities, emphasizing the importance of collaboration to tackle the multifaceted challenges associated with sustainable mobility transition.

Looking Ahead

EIT Urban Mobility expressed its gratitude to all attendees for their active participation and valuable contributions to this important endeavour. The meeting underscored the significance of a collaborative approach in navigating the path towards a more sustainable and resilient future for urban and rural mobility in Ireland.

Willem-Frederik  Metzelaar, Head Innovation Hub West, EIT Urban Mobility, emphasized the significance of this endeavour, stating: “We envision a future of sustainable urban mobility in Ireland, and today’s meeting demonstrates the shared dedication of key stakeholders from the private sector, academia, and government. As we collaborate together, leveraging the expertise of these sectors, we aim to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges, ultimately shaping a resilient and sustainable mobility landscape for our nation.”

Alan Murphy, Regional Manager, Smart Dublin added: “We need collaboration across many Actors to address the mobility challenges for Dublin and Ireland – the meeting brought those Actors together. In addition, EIT Urban Mobility unlocks targeted access to an EU wide network of best practice and innovative solutions. We look forward to working with EIT Urban Mobility to help Ireland on its transition to more sustainable mobility.